I have been using the RealWiiings for many months now and think they are a great training tool for improving your feel for the water. I find that if I swim with the RealWiiings on, for about 500 meters, then take them off and swim some fast 50's or 100's, I can really feel myself grabing the water. It also makes me feel like I'm swimming on top of the water instead of sinking. Another great benefit of RealWiiings, is that the extra resistance doesn't put strain on your shoulder joints. I use RealWiiings almost every swim session and recommend anyone who would like to improve their swimming or make swimming feel easier to invest in a set.

Adam Fitzakerley - Professional Triathlete


I love to swim. The feeling of freedom and fluidity in the water is amazing. I have used standard paddles in training for years to help build strength and endurance. The problem with these tools are that you loose some of the feel of the water when you use them. The RealWiiings allow me to build strength and endurance and still have the full feel of the water. They are great fun in the surf as well!! Happy Swimming!

David Hendry - Professional Chiropractor and Triathlete